Music Data – Original


 Jazz Set (piano, guitar, air bell, and 16 jazz styles) 2014/12/20

 Iranian Set (tar, setar, ney, santur and 9 Iranian styles) 2014/12/20

 Arabic Set  (qanun, oud, Arabic ney, string, and 7 Arabic styles) 2014/12/20

Kurdish Set (sorna, divan, kamancheh, tanbur, and 4 Kurdish styles) 2014/12/20

Azeri Set (Azeri tar, Balaban, string and 7 Azeri styles) 2014/12/20

 Bandari Set (ney amban, oud, string, and 10 bandari styles) 2014/12/20

Hindi Set  (sitar, tanbur, shah nay, string, and 3 Hindi styles) 2014/12/20


 DNC Instruments (Multi sound) 2015/08/19

 General Instruments (guitars, violins, pianos, flutes, accordions, sax …) 2014/12/20

 Eastern Instruments  (tar, setar, kamancheh, ney, sorna, qanun, oud …) 2014/12/20

 15 Guitar Instruments 2016/09/06

 15 Baglama Instruments (Turkish) 2015/04/16

 6 Ney Amban Instruments (Bandari) 2015/06/15

 Other Instruments (basses, electronic instruments, crystal pad …) 2014/12/20

informal Instruments

 Drum kits

• Styles (multi-section with chord)

 High-quality Styles (with percussion) Part 1 2014/12/20

 High-quality Styles (with percussion) Part 2 2014/12/20

 High-quality Styles (with percussion) Part 3 2014/12/20

 Drum kit Styles (You can choose your own drum kits for it)

• Sounds and Loops

Sounds and Loops 2014/12/20

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