Face Photo (Android) v1.6.0

Create a personal photo for registrations in a few seconds

Do you want register in a website? or in U.S. Lottery?
Don’t have any picture for registering?

Don’t worry!
Just take a simple picture with this app and finish!
You have a personal photo! very easy.


• Detect the face position Automatically
• Rotate picture if the face is inclined
• Multi size (3×4, 6×4, lottery)
• Automatic and Manual Lightness, Contrast, Saturation and Hue


• Keep 1 to 3 meters distance from your character
• Take photos direct and without vertical or horizontal angles
• Use flashlight
• Use a white background

14 thoughts on “Face Photo (Android) v1.6.0

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  2. Your synth is awesome, but I have one question…
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